Witness This: The Watchtower is for Sale

Watchtower Buildings in DUMBO

This could be a whopper…buried in an article about development spurred by Brooklyn Bridge Park:

The biggest of the three potential developments would rise from the Witnesses’ holdings. Currently up for grabs are a dozen large properties scattered around Dumbo. Among them are the 400,000-square-foot 55 Furman St., with its famous rooftop Watchtower sign, and a cluster of pristine beige-colored warehouses along Pearl Street covering more than 700,000 square feet. It is the latter package that Related Company (the developer behind the Time Warner Center and Hudson Yards) is looking at, according to sources close to the sales effort.

Meanwhile, the Witnesses are quietly marketing two parking lots, each stretching over a city block, which could house more than 1.5 million square feet of new development. All told, the Witnesses could sell off properties with as much as 2.9 million square feet of development rights as the group moves to a new complex it is building upstate.

This would completely change the area between DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn near the BQE, bringing thousands more people and children in need of schools. P.S. 8 (the zone where most of this development will happen) is already overcrowded.

Here is the full article in Crain’s: Brooklyn Bridge Park sows seeds for borough land grab