We’re a grassroots association of more than 300 families who live in and around Downtown Brooklyn who are concerned about the most important issue impacting our children: schools. We believe that all families have the right to send their children to high-performing schools that aren’t overcrowded. Since 2012 we’ve advocated for the DOE to build new elementary schools in Downtown Brooklyn, the fastest growing neighborhood in the city. We formed this group to meet with local officials and pressure them into action. We are now happy to report that we are close to reaching our goals: 2 new schools (one in Distict 13 and one in District 15) are in the works!

We also want to inform families about all the different elementary school options available to them (beyond their zoned school) so that you can find the right school for your children. Our blog and Facebook page are places where you can get up to date news and information about school-related issues that affect residents of Downtown Brooklyn. We invite representatives of public, private, and charter schools that serve the neighborhood to connect with our group.

Please join our bid to make Downtown Brooklyn  a great place to live and raise children in addition to being the exciting hub of retail, higher-education, entertainment, and  high-tech business that it is fast becoming. If want to be kept up to date with what is going on with the schools in our area, please sign up to our newsletter.

– Chris and Erin,
residents of Downtown Brooklyn and parents of a 4th grader.


info (at) dobroschools (dot) org or

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