It’s School Tour Time Again!

KC_onewebsite_091213If your child was born in 2011 and enrolling in kindergarten next year (or born in 2012 and going into pre-K), now is the time to start looking at schools.  Many public schools are starting to offer tours and open houses in advance of the opening of the December application process  Charter schools and some private schools are also conducting tours and info sessions. We recommend that you see as many schools as you can so that you can find the best one for your child. Since many tours in fall on the same days, it’s good to start now to see every school that you might want to visit before the application deadline: January 15th. Before you start your search you can learn about schools in our area with our Primer of Elementary Schools open to residents of Downtown Brooklyn.

Here are the latest tour schedules (as of 11/30/15 – we’ll be updating them as much as possible)….always double check with the school to see if they have added more dates:



For more information about school options in the area and how to apply to kindergarten or pre-K, visit these links: