Is Overcrowding Inevitable in our Area Schools?

Proposed Housing at Brooklyn Bridge Park

A recent report filed as part of the lawsuit to stop the building of residential housing in Brooklyn Bridge park revealed a very interesting tidbit…according to the DOE’s own numbers, ALL of the elementary schools in District 13 subdistrict 2 (which extends from Brooklyn Heights into Clinton Hill) will be at 140% capacity in just 3 years!  This info came out during a review of the impact of additional housing at Pier 6 on P.S. 8 (which is already overcrowded).

Elementary school utilization is projected to grow in Sub-district 2/CSD 13, from 3,279 students under existing conditions to 4,697 students by 2018 (140.59 percent utilization). Intermediate school utilization is also projected to grow, from 1,849 students under existing conditions to 2,359 students by 2018 (80.16 percent utilization).

The lawsuit was recently settled allowing the housing development to proceed with more community input. The big question is why the DOE (as far as we know) is doing nothing about a problem that clearly exists in black in white in their own population growth projections!?! We need a new school in Downtown Brooklyn!