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Last Monday we made a presentation to the Community Board 2 Executive Committee at their annual meeting to decide budget priorities for the 2014/15 fiscal year. They submit a list of priorities to the city of what the most important things in their district are to fund in the city budget.  Turns out we were preaching to the choir.

This has been an issue of concern for them for a long time, but no one had pushed it to date or developed concrete numbers on the issue.  We were hoping that the need for a new school would make the list, but it turns out that the CB2 made funding for a new school in Downtown Brooklyn their #1 funding priority! 

A reporter from DNA Info was there and did a nice write-up of what happened in the meeting.

This is a major milestone. With a new mayor (a Brooklynite) shaping the next city budget and the School Construction Authority now creating it’s next 5-year capital plan, this endorsement of the importance of the issue will hopefully translate to real action in the near future, instead of many years down the road when it will be too late.

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