Come learn about the new Success Academy Charter School opening in Fort Greene in 2013-2014 1

Success Academy charter school opening in west Fort Greene in 2013-14.  The schools’ organizers will be holding an informational meeting next week at the Belltel Lofts (365 Bridge St) so that interested parents can find out more about the plans for the schools and learn about their philosophies.   If you are at all curious about how charter schools work, I recommend that you attend one or both house parties. Success just opened a school in Cobble Hill in District 15.

Here are the details:
Tuesday, December 11th at 7:00 PM in the C3 Lounge @ Belltel Lofts (365 Bridge St @ Willoughby)
For event details and to RSVP, please email:

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  1. Reply Merilen Feb 19,2016 7:08 am

    Hi there,Great question, Chris, rernidgag parent engagement. Our school is managed by a volunteer board of trustees, which meets publicly 10 times per year. Parents often attend meetings to learn more and share their views. More specifically, there are two parents who are board members and are very engaged. They participate in discussions and vote on topics ranging from class size to budget approval to extracurriculars.As for your question of success in the interest of time, I was purposely vague. The charter is literally hundreds of pages long, so describing in detail the standards to which we are held would have been quite cumbersome. If you shoot me your email address I am happy to send you a summary of the primary points upon which success’ is defined for our students and our school.Finally, rernidgag your thoughts that you remain unconvinced that charter schools main goal is better education. Education is inherently political. Teaching someone to read is a political act. Remember that most charter schools are independent entities, so it is difficult to generalize what the main goal is for all schools. I can assure you that we agree that education is political, and that one of our primary goals IS to challenge the American political structure that has allowed students’ achievement to be based not on their ability but by virtue of where they are born and how much money their families have.Sincerely,Catherine B

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