2 New Public Elementary Schools Finally Planned for Downtown Brooklyn!

We’re thrilled to report that not one, but two new (much needed) elementary schools are on the drawing board for Downtown Brooklyn! Both schools will be part of mixed-used highrises built in partnership with developers.

In District 13, a new 332-seat elementary school will be part of a development at One Willoughby Square (aka 420 Albee Square across from City Point).  The school will occupy 6 floors at the base of an office building  built next to a brand new park: Willoughby Square.  We hope a new playground will be part of the park’s design.  Construction is slated to start in 2018 so we wouldn’t expect the school to open until the 2022-23 school year if everything goes as planned.

In District 15, a proposed mixed-use development at 80 Flatbush Ave would move the Kahlil Gibran Academy High School (currently in a 100+ year old building) into a new building, and in a separate part of the development build a brand new 350-seat public elementary school.  The developers are redeveloping the entire block (PDF) with a thoughtful mix of 900+ apartments, schools, office, retail, and cultural space. Some of the older existing low-rise school buildings will be incorporated into the design and the development should be a great addition to the neighborhood (although the school won’t be done until 2022 at the earliest.) The ULURP (Uniform Land Use Review Procedure) process will move forward in 2018.

After nearly 5 years of advocacy and the support of local politicians and hundreds of neighbors, we are so happy to see the fruits of our collective effort.  It’s our hope that these public schools will help alleviate the problem of school overcrowding in the area while strengthening the growing residential community in and around Downtown Brooklyn.

Find out more about the schools: