We are a grass-roots association of more than 200 families who live in Downtown Brooklyn. We started this group to address an issue that is of great concern to us and many other residents of the neighborhood that we’ve talked to: schools. After moving to Downtown Brooklyn (the fastest growing neighborhood in the city) we were surprised to learn that the city had no plan to build new schools to accommodate the hundreds (and eventually thousands) of children moving to the neighborhood. We are spearheading the effort to advocate for new public schools (K-8) in Downtown Brooklyn and would like your help.

This is why we need need a new school:

View Downtown Brooklyn Residential Development in a larger map

We formed this group to meet with local officials and pressure them into action. If you are interested in attending a meeting to learn the latest and help out, or even if you just want to be kept up to date with what is going on with the schools in our area, please sign up to our newsletter.

We also are interested in informing parents about all their education options so that they can find the right school for their children. This website and our Facebook page are forums where parents can share news and information about schools in the area. We invite representatives of public, private, and charter schools that serve the neighborhood to come meet with our group.

Please join our bid to make sure that Downtown Brooklyn becomes a great place to live and raise children in addition to being the exciting hub of retail, higher-education, entertainment, and  high-tech business that it is fast becoming.

– Chris and Erin,
residents of Downtown Brooklyn and parents of a kindergartener.


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